About BASS
BASS is a government contract that provides accommodation and support services to people who would normally be living in the community on bail or Home Detention Curfew (HDC) but do not otherwise have a suitable address - or they need some extra support during the period of their bail or HDC licence.
The people eligible for this service are not those who should be in prison. They have been bailed by the courts or released from prison, initially on an electronic tag, having served a prison sentence. The overall aim of the service is to reduce unnecessary loss of liberty and its negative impacts on family life, employment and housing, and to deter people from re-offending.
Stonham provides good quality accommodation in the community for the period of a person's bail or HDC licence. The number of properties is small with around 200 across England and Wales. The houses are furnished and typically are for two to three sharing. Each person has their own bedroom and shares the communal space, and has normal household responsibilities whilst residing there. Some properties are for single occupancy and others for a parent who can be united with dependent children. All occupants are liable for rent and charges under the terms of their Accommodation Licence Agreement with us.
Support Officers visit regularly to effectively manage each property, provide support to each individual and monitor adherence to their bail conditions or HDC licence. Failure to comply with these conditions is acted upon. The support officer will also help each individual to find more stable accommodation to move on to.
BASS does not provide accommodation to anyone who has a conviction, caution, a current allegation of or are under police bail for any sexual offences.
Quality assurance
Stonham is a quality service provider, subject to external review from The Tenants Services Authority. The BASS service is subject to rigorous monitoring and reviews from the Ministry of Justice and Stonham’s internal audit processes. We are committed to working in partnership with key national and local agencies to provide high quality services.